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Foka – Luxury Apartment Building

Introducing a skillful integration of quite diverse aspects of comfortable living to achieve the best results. Our experience, high standards of work and true devotion to projects surrounded by nature, make our building so unique and sought for. This one-of-a-kind idea involves sale and rental of apartments near the Baltic Sea shore.

The design of our investment is a combination of modern life, nature and the most comfortable solutions for better relaxation and, quite simply, better living. These apartments are becoming one of the most popular ones around, due to a true oasis you will find on Hel Peninsula, where you can enjoy each and every minute. However, it is also a smart investment, as rental becomes increasingly lucrative, especially in the most attractive locations near the sea.

Diverse needs require the most diverse offer – thus we have prepared a whole range of solutions and options to choose from. Our apartments can be completely furnished for you to move there immediately, or you can arrange their interiors by yourself.