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Do you want to spend a weekend outside the city? Or maybe you want to spend a holiday at the sea? Book a holiday apartment now!

There is always a good reason to come to the seaside and spend some time at the Baltic Sea in comfortable conditions, and this is where our offer regarding apartments to rent comes in. We are pleased to inform that we have signed an agreement with Sun&Snow, the biggest company providing services of luxury apartment rental management in Poland. The agreement allows you to rent an apartment and stay in our prestigious location on Hel Peninsula: Foka Apartments at 16B Steyera Street.

Having considered the diverse expectations of our customers, we have prepared fifty two luxury apartments with different floor areas and layouts that will meet the needs of all prospective residents, regardless of their age and requirements. By choosing our apartments you choose maximum comfort and top quality. Come and enjoy your stay in this beautiful setting!

Bookings at Foka Apartments are handled on Sun&Snow website:, tel. 660 212 662, e-mail:

one-room apartment for 2 people
one-room apartment for 3 people
one-room apartment for 4 people
two-room apartment for 3 people
two-room apartment for 4 people
two-room apartment for 5 people